Message: “Week 1: The Lifeblood of Communication” from Kevin Harney

Kevin Harney -

Week 1: The Lifeblood of Communication

In week one we will focus on the importance and power of communication in our relationships. We will look at God’s biblical desire and plan for how we are to communicate. We will also dig into real life and see some of the common reasons that communication breaks down and becomes harmful. Finally, we will identify some of God’s pathways and practices that can strengthen and bring health to all of our relational interactions.

From Series: "Whole Relationships In a Broken World"

We live in a time when relationships are growing more complex, commitment to hang in there is waning, and self-centeredness is leading people to bail out on their relational commitments so that they can find personal pleasure and fulfillment. Jesus taught us that, next to loving God, loving people is the most important thing we could ever do. In this series, we will look at how we can live out the second commandment given by Jesus, “To love our neighbor as ourselves.”

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