Lay Counseling

We believe in the efficacy of Christian Counseling at Shoreline Church. Dr. Timothy Clinton states “Christian Counseling proclaims Christ to searching hearts and, by dedicated soul care ministry, raises up people to live fully in his image.”

Issues that necessitate the approach and professional level of a licensed Counselor are referred to trusted resources in the community. Bible-based and Christ-centered, we believe that God is present in every session and we endeavor to hear from Him as we go through the healing process. God is the author of healing, and every effective counseling tool may be utilized.

Affiliated with Shoreline, Nancy Cahalan, MFT, provides excellent professional, Christ-centered, counseling services at a private practice nearby. Nancy works fee for service on a sliding scale. To request an appointment call (831) 238-3674 and your call will be promptly returned.

What Is Lay Counseling?

  • Bible-based counseling by NON-PROFESSIONAL volunteers in a confidential, Christ-centered setting
  • Compassionate listening, encouraging and guiding, on a biblical foundation
  • Goals: to clarify problems, express/share feelings, resolve conflicts, within healthy personal boundaries
  • Connecting clients to local resources of support
  • Includes 6 to 8 sessions within a 90-day time frame, at an off-site location, usually 50 minute sessions
  • Lay Counseling is free of charge to church members and members of the community


What Lay Counseling Is Not

  • Professional therapy or licensed life coaching
  • Counseling for serious life issues like mental illness, addiction, and abuse, where financial resources are limited

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