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Bible Studies For Women

1 John by Ashli Valdes

Women’s Summer Bible Study: 1 John

In this 3-session study on the Book of 1 John, learn to walk in God’s light and be freed from darkness.  In the apostle John’s gospel, he calls himself “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”  It’s this same John who carried a deep awareness and experience of the love of God who wrote to the Church in 1 John.  If we love God and His love is in us, then we will live a certain way, we will walk in the light.  Come explore with us what that looks like in your everyday life.

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At Shoreline in the Parkside Room
Tuesday Evenings | July 12, 2022 to July 26, 2022 | 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM | REGISTER →

Bible Studies For Men

Study of The Gospel of Mark

The purpose of this gospel is “to present the person, work and teachings of Jesus.”

In this study we will be reminded of the point of the Bible, the point of the history of Israel, and the point of Jesus Christ coming to earth. We will also be reminded that Jesus came not only to forgive our sins but to rinse clean this fallen world and restore all creation to the original design of our Lord. “In Jesus’s death and resurrection, Mark is telling us, the world is being reborn. We will see again the wonder of forgiveness, the hope of restoration, and the cross-shape of rejection”(Dane C. Ortlund, Crossway). No registration required.

Taught by Pastor Dennis McFadden On Campus and Online.

At Shoreline in the Peninsula Room
Tuesday Mornings | August 3, 2021 to July 26, 2022 | 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM | JOIN →
Wednesday Mornings | August 4, 2021 to July 27, 2022 | 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM | JOIN →

The Gospel of Luke

Jesus, the Son of Man came to seek and save sinful men. The purpose of this men’s Bible study is to examine the accurate, chronological, and comprehensive account of the unique life of Jesus the Christ, as told by “Luke, the beloved physician,” and be transformed by God’s word. The Gospel of Luke is the longest and most extensive Gospel due to Luke’s emphasis on chronological and historical accuracy and is the only Gospel with a sequel (The Book of Acts). Through an in-depth analysis of the text using inductive Bible study methods, Bible software, and visual content, we will be challenged and encouraged to apply Biblical principles to our lives.

Taught by David Piazza On Campus.

At Shoreline in the Peninsula Room
Thursday Evenings | February 17, 2022 to February 16, 2023 | 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM | JOIN →

Ephesians for Young Adult Men

In Ephesians, Paul provides effective teaching on salvation, reconciliation, the nature of God’s family, and the Christian identity. Paul’s goal for all of this teaching was to encourage and energize believers in their faith. Join us for the next 5 weeks as we dive into this study and deepen our faith! No registration required.

Taught by Pastor Brandon Westphal On Campus.

At Shoreline in the Peninsula Room
Tuesday Evenings | June 7, 2022 to July 5, 2022 | 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Life With One Another

Throughout the New Testament, we see the importance of the followers of Jesus interrelating and interacting with “one another”. From Jesus teaching His disciples they must love one another to the Apostle Paul encouraging the early followers of Jesus to honor, serve, and even admonish one another as the young churches grew and changed the world.

For young men (20s – 30s).

Taught by Pastor Shawn Stroud Online.

Tuesday Evenings | June 21, 2022 to September 6, 2022 | 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM | JOIN →