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March 18, 2020

Hi Shoreline Families, 

I hope that you are doing well. One of the goals in our Kids Ministry Department is to partner with parents all year long but especially during this time. 

Please check back here often for resources that will equip and empower you to do ministry in your home. 

Each week we will create a condensed Sunday morning curriculum as a guide for you to connect with your child with what they would be learning in our classrooms. You will see the Bible story for the week which you can read either out of your Bible or take a look at some of these others Bibles: my wife and I use Beginners Bible with Hendrix or take a look at The Adventure Bible. Beginners Bible and Adventure Bible

With the curriculum, you will find an interactive activity such as looking up verses, memorizing verses, or simple games. We will also include discussion questions that you can use throughout the week to further the Bible story. 

When you are teaching the Bible story to your child try and make it fun and engaging if there are pictures that go along with the story, show them. Make sure you take the time to pause if there are words that might be confusing or themes that you want to make sure your child understands. Make the story interactive by asking questions along the way to the conclusion of the story. 

We also want to let you know that you can download the Parent Cue app to receive more resources for your kids.  When you download the app, you will enter your child(ren)’s name and birthday and you will be provided with this week’s video lesson that your child can watch from your phone.  The app provides weekly resources that help parents guide their kids deeper in their faith including the Parent Cue Blog.  This week’s blog post focuses on managing fear and anxiety around a health pandemic and how we can ease our children’s fears

Another tool that I hope you find helpful is our G.O.G.O. handout that helps explain to your child the Gospel. We know that God loved us before we loved him, but our sin has separated us from God, so God’s solution was to offer us a gift of grace through Jesus, and Our response can be to accept this gift and follow Jesus.  G.O.G.O Handout

If you have Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, whatever it may be, turn up the Kids Worship music and spend time worshipping Jesus together as a family. Some of my favorites right now are Rend Co. Kids ( Spotify Rend Co. Kids ), Bright Ones ( Spotify Bright Ones ), Bethel Kids ( Spotify Bethel Kids ), and Hillsong Kids ( Hillsong Kids ). 

And don’t forget to spend time together as a family to pray, sometimes it can be difficult to know where or how to start prayer with your child depending on their age. The way you as a parent model prayer is important, if your child sees you praying they will know it is meaningful to you. Let your child know that God is accessible, He is there to hear your prayer, there is nothing too big or too small for God. 

  • We first give our praise to God, we lift Him up to His rightful place.
  • We confess our sins and ask for forgiveness
  • We thank God for all that we have
  • Pray for others (friends, family)
  • Pray for yourself to be more like Jesus
  • Close in prayer, in Jesus name, I pray, Amen

I hope you find these tools helpful in creating meaningful and faith-filled experiences with your child at home and turning your home into a lighthouse! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any prayer requests or simply connect with us.


Greg Broom
Children’s Director

Shoreline Church

Shoreline Church