Celebrate Recovery at Shoreline Church

You Are Not Alone

Join Us 6:30 PM Friday Evenings

Sometimes we believe that we are alone in our struggle with life’s problems. We believe that no one could possibly understand our hurts and pain—that they are especially unique and difficult. The good news is we are not alone in Jesus and we are not alone through Celebrate Recovery!

Celebrate Recovery at Shoreline is made up of real people just like you and me. We come from our own church body and from the community at large. CR at Shoreline is a safe place to address destructive or compulsive behaviors, unhealthy relationships, addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, pornography), anger, shame, codependency (addiction to people and control), past abuse and so much more.

We open the door to healing by sharing our experiences, strengths and hope, and becoming willing to accept God’s grace in solving the problems in our lives.

Grace moves us from performing and pretending to an abundant life of forgiveness and healing. People can find freedom from any hurt, hang-up or habit that is making their life unmanageable. It frees us to serve and live the lives to which God called us.

We All Are Dealing With Something

Fear and Anxiety, Overeating, Physical and Sexual Abuse, Control, Perfectionism, Rejection, Gambling, Sexual Addiction, Pornography. Eating Disorders, Divorce, Lying, Anger and Rage, Alcohol and Drugs, People Pleasing, Insecurity, Grief, Co-Dependency, Insecurity, Overspending, among others.

Celebrate Recovery, 6:30 PM Fridays

New to Celebrate Recovery?

• Wondering how to plug in?
• How does this work?
• How to get started?

Join us at Newcomers 101, directly following the large group meeting for an overview. We will answer any questions and help you know the best group to attend next week.

What an Evening at CR Looks Like

6:30 PM Coffee & Conversation
7:00 PM Large Group Meeting: Testimony or Lesson
8:00 PM Men/Women Issue Specific Open Share Small Groups; Newcomers 101 Overview
8:45 PM Coffee & Conversation
9:15 PM Wrap-up