March 31 – April 6

Weekly Reading for March 31 – April 6

Preparing for Next Week’s Message

Sermon Series: Whole Relationships
Sermon Title: The Life Blood of Communication

This reading plan will get your heart and mind set for the next message on April 7, 2024:

Reflecting on the Most Recent Sermon

Sermon Series: Three Words
Sermon Title: He Is Risen! (Easter)
Delivered On: March 31, 2024


Memorize and Reflect

John 21:19 & 22 “Follow me!” and “…You must follow me”

Prayer Direction

Thank Jesus for the power and glory of His resurrection! Pray for your eyes to see Jesus in His resurrection glory as you wank through each day. Ask for the strength Jesus offers through His resurrection presence to be unleashed in specific areas of your life where you need to be lifted up and fortified by the power of God.

“Live It!” Challenge

Take the Leap – When Peter realized Jesus was on the shore, he jumped in the water. He did not wait for the boat to get to shore. He was not worried about how many fish they had just hauled in! He just wanted to be near Jesus. How do you take a leap to get closer to Jesus as we celebrate His resurrection? Maybe it is making time to be in the Scriptures. Perhaps it is slowing down and taking 5-10 minutes each afternoon to shut off all the technology and quiet your heart in the presence of the Savior. Choose one daily activity that will connect you with your Savior and jump in every day for the coming week.

Small Group Discussion

  1. Tell about an Easter memory from your childhood.

  2. Tell about the first time you realized what Easter is really about and how the truth of Jesus's resurrection impacted you.

  3. Read: John 21:1-6. How is this event a reminder to Peter and some of the other disciples of when Jesus first called some of them to follow Him Luke 5:4-11? How might this have impacted Peter, James, and John?

  4. Read: John 21:7-14. Why do you think Peter jumped into the sea and began swimming? How can we jump in and pursue Jesus with increasing passion and enthusiasm?

  5. What do we learn about Jesus, His love, and His humility when we see the risen Lord of Glory preparing breakfast for some hungry fishermen?

  6. Read: John 21:15-19. Why might Peter have been feeling hopeless and useless? Tell about when you were discouraged and wondered if Jesus could restore and work through you.

  7. How did Jesus restore and bring hope to Peter? Tell about a time Jesus gave you fresh hope and vision for the future.

  8. What can prevent us from following our Savior with passion and confidence? How does the enemy seek to push us off the path?

  9. How is the resurrection a reminder of God’s love, His power, and His new hope in our times of struggle?

  10. How can your group members pray for you and encourage you to follow Jesus and seek to serve Him with fresh passion?