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Most people who have lost someone close to them, family or friend, are stunned, confused, deeply saddened, their world turned upside down. Trying hour by hour, day by day, they attempt to figure out how to go on without the loved one. The journey is called “grieving.” GriefShare brings these people together for 13 weeks, offering support, guidance and Biblical teaching as they share their story and loss with others who understand. For more information email

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Meals Team

Tough things happen to families. Events like medical situations, job loss, natural disasters, loss of loved ones or other types of calamities. In coping with what’s happened, folks often find themselves unable to handle daily needs adequately.

The Meals Team offers meals for up to two weeks to the affected families. Once contacted, the Meals Team leader contacts volunteers on a list of providers who then sign up to take meals to the families. There is always room and a need for more people on our list of providers. For more information email

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Women's Jail Team

Shoreline’s Women’s Jail Team volunteers are called to bring hope, fellowship, the Gospel and prayer to women incarcerated in the Monterey County Jail.

The WJT has members who visit the women one night per week, in rotations of two each. The stories they tell of God moving in these women’s lives! They bring musical worship, Biblical teaching, sharing and prayer. More volunteers are welcome – ask God if joining this team is for you. For more information email

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Lay Counseling

We believe in the efficacy of Christian Counseling at Shoreline Church, and are pleased to offer Bible-based counseling by trained and committed NON-PROFESSIONAL volunteers in a confidential, Christ-centered setting. Lay Counseling at Shoreline involves compassionate listening, encouraging and guiding, on a biblical foundation. The aim is to clarify problems, express/share feelings, and resolve conflicts, within healthy personal boundaries. For more information, email

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Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery at Shoreline is made up of real people just like you and me. We come from our own church body and from the community at large. CR at Shoreline is a safe place to address destructive or compulsive behaviors, unhealthy relationships, addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, pornography), anger, shame, codependency (addiction to people and control), past abuse and so much more.

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