Food Pantry Driver

The Shoreline Church Food Pantry is one of the few food pantries in our area that is highly utilized by individuals throughout Monterey County.  Each year the Food Pantry at Shoreline serves approximately 2,130 households. The Food Pantry has three basic elements. We provide prayer, food, and clothing.

Volunteers are needed to deliver donated food boxes to various drop off locations to help serve our community. Volunteers interested should have a vehicle that can carry 12-16 banana boxes and be able to lift/carry banana boxes up to 40lbs.

  1. Drivers are needed to collect donated food from various locations such as Trader Joe’s (Pacific Grove & Monterey) and deliver to the Shoreline Church Food Pantry.
  2. Volunteer Drivers are also needed to pick up donated food boxes from Shoreline Food Pantry and deliver them to
  • The Monterey Zoo on River Road in Salinas
  • The Bridge
  • Del Monte Villa Apartments

Opportunity Times

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, 8:30 am - 1:00 pm

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