Message: “Week 3 : Discover the Divine Design for Your Life”

Kevin Harney -

Week 1 : Find Yourself

Find Yourself

From Series: "Find Yourself"

We have all heard people say, “I need to find myself!” From college students, to middle age men and women, to people in every walk of life, there is a restless desire to know why we are on this planet and what our lives are really all about. Where should we look to find ourselves? Do we have to get on a plane and travel the world? Must we leave our family and friends and explore new relationships? is it mandatory that we question our beliefs and convictions? What if the best place to find ourselves is in the One who made us, who designed us, and who loves us most? What if finding ourselves is really about discovering God’s surprising plan and deign for our future? Join us at Shoreline Community Church for a four week series where you can “Find Yourself” and get to know God better along the way!

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