Women’s Discipleship Community

Enjoy our library of women's monthly prayer and reading guides

We are excited to invite you to a library of resources that will draw us together to help us grow in Christlikeness. Shoreline Church exists to “Help as many people as possible become totally committed to Jesus Christ.” Our goal is to live out this mission as we learn to live with Christ, live like Christ, and live for Christ. We believe these three goals capture the heart of God for every woman. This simple motto clarifies how each of us can live a life that honors God and brings us the greatest possible joy.

Discipleship Community Resources

How Does It Work?

Each monthly resource can stand alone or be completed chronologically beginning with January 2021. Select a guide, grab your Bible, a pen, and a notebook, and join us as we grow spiritually.

Suggested ways to use Women’s Discipleship Community resources:

  • Select a resource to go through with a mentor or mentee.
  • Read and discuss a resource with your small group.
  • Use these resources to help guide you in your personal time with God.

Email women@shoreline.church for more info.