November 8 – November 14

Weekly Reading for November 8 – November 14

Preparing for Next Week’s Message

Sermon Series: I Will, (Romans Orthopraxy)
Sermon Title: I Will Not Judge!

This reading plan will get your heart and mind set for the next message on November 8, 2020:

Reflecting on the Most Recent Sermon

Sermon Series: I Will, (Romans Orthopraxy)
Sermon Title: I Will Love
Delivered On: November 8, 2020


Memorize and Reflect

9 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:9-10

Prayer Direction

Pray for the heart of Jesus so that you can love people with His love. Ask God to give you eyes to see people in your life you need to love more intentionally. Pray for God to show you specifically how you are to love them this week.

“Live It!” Challenge

I Will Love - Based upon the prayer direction, take two specific and intentional action steps to love someone more fully and visibly in your life this week.

Small Group Discussion

  1. 1.) How is sincere love and insincere love different?

  2. 2.) Describe a time you have experienced insincere love in your life.

  3. 3.) How do you define evil?

  4. 4.) Read: Romans 12:10 and Romans 12:16 - How easy or difficult is it to honor others above yourself?

  5. 5.) Read: Romans 12:13 - Describe how you share with others. What is the most difficult for you to share?

  6. 6.) Read: Romans 12:17-20 - How are you at "living in harmony" and "living at peace" with everyone? Please Explain.

  7. 7.) Who do you see as your enemies or hardest to love?

  8. 8.) Tell about a time you tried to love someone who was hard to love. How did it go?

  9. 9.) Who is someone in your life right more you need to love more visibly and intentionally?

  10. 10.) What steps or actions will you take this week to love them?