January 14 – 20

Weekly Reading for January 14 – 20

Preparing for Next Week’s Message

Sermon Series: Who Am I? Embracing Who You Were Created to Be!
Sermon Title: Future Glory, Not My Past Mistakes!

This reading plan will get your heart and mind set for the next message on January 21, 2024:

Reflecting on the Most Recent Sermon

Sermon Series:
Sermon Title:
Delivered On: January 14, 2024


Memorize and Reflect

Matthew 6:33
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Prayer Direction

Lift up praise and thanks to God for being the King over all kings and the King of your life and heart. Ask for the strength of the Holy Spirit to give you all you need to surrender to God every day as the King of the universe. Invite the Spirit to give you discernment to see when you are slowly or quickly following other allegiances and how you can repent, turn, and follow Jesus fully as your King.

“Live It!” Challenge

Identifying Deception – Take time to honestly and humbly ask the three questions listed below. Before you do this, pray for a humble heart and a willingness to feel God’s conviction if you are surrendering your life or actions to the ways of this world.
1. What are ways that I might be drawn into making my first allegiance to systems and the thinking of this world?
2. What are times that I have been more devoted to my political or worldly convictions over my commitment to follow Jesus?
3. Who are people I might be avoiding, ignoring, or even disliking because I disagree with their worldly convictions?
Invite God to show you ways you can live for Jesus and follow Him more closely as the King of your heart and life.

Small Group Discussion

  1. What are some of the consequences (both good or bad) we might face because we have governmental systems, agencies, and leaders who try to tell us what to do and how to live?

  2. Read: 1 Samuel 8:1-5. Why did the people back in Samuel’s days want a king to govern over them? Why do many people today look to the government to protect and take care of them?

  3. Read: 1 Samuel 8:6-9. How did Samuel and God respond to the people’s desire to be ruled by a human king? Why do you think God warned them about the possible consequences of bowing to an earthly political power?

  4. Read: 1 Samuel 1:10-18. What were some of the warnings Samuel gave the people about what would happen when they bowed to an earthly king? How are some of these same realities with us when we have governing authorities rule over us?

  5. Read: 1 Samuel 8:19-21. What are some of the costs and consequences when followers of Jesus see their primary allegiance to a human ruler and not to God?

  6. What does it look like when we live with a deep and sincere conviction that God is our King, Ruler, and Leader above all human allegiances? Why is this the best way to live?

  7. Read: Romans 13:1-7. How do we honor governing authorities while still putting God first in our hearts and actions?

  8. Read: Matthew 6:33. What is one specific way you can begin to seek first God’s kingdom and be sure nothing else comes before this devotion?