December 10 – 16

Weekly Reading for December 10 – 16

Preparing for Next Week’s Message

Sermon Series: Vintage Christmas
Sermon Title: The Old Made New: From Doubt to Trust!

This reading plan will get your heart and mind set for the next message on December 17, 2023:

Reflecting on the Most Recent Sermon

Sermon Series: Vintage Christmas
Sermon Title:
Delivered On: December 10, 2023


Memorize and Reflect

Isaiah 11:9
They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

Prayer Direction

Ask Jesus to bring His peace to you in such a deep way that you become a conduit of His peace to every person you meet. Thank God that in a world of injustice, Jesus comes as the perfectly just and righteous judge. As God to draw people from every tribe and nation into His forever family through the forgiveness and grace of Jesus.

“Live It!” Challenge

A Christmas Invitation – Shoreline always offers a Christmas Eve service that shares the simple, powerful, and life-saving message of Jesus with all those who attend online or in person. Pray about who you should invite to a worship service (online or in person) this Christmas Eve.

Small Group Discussion

  1. Tell about a time when things in your life seemed hopeless or discouraging. How did God come near and bring His light in this dark time?

  2. Read: Isaiah 11:1-10. How might the words of this prophecy have brought hope to people who were feeling oppressed, attacked, and forgotten?

  3. Where do you see unrest, conflict, and war in our world today? How is Jesus the answer for peace in your heart during times of conflict and global uncertainty?

  4. How can the message and hope of Jesus be the ultimate source of peace and hope in our war-torn world?

  5. What can we do to share the message and hope of Jesus, the Messiah, with people who are living under the darkness of fear, anxiety, and Satan’s work in our world?

  6. Read: Isaiah 11:6-8. What picture is God painting through this vision of a time in the future where the Messiah will rule and reign? How is this message needed in our world today?

  7. What does it mean to imagine a time when the “earth is filled with the knowledge of the Lord”? What can we do today to help with God’s work of filling the world with the knowledge of His presence, truth, and glory?

  8. If the Messiah (Jesus), the “Root of Jesse,” is going to invite and draw all nations to Himself, what should the church of Jesus look like today?

  9. Tell about when Jesus drew you to himself and how you were invited into His family.

  10. Who is one person you are praying will come and enter the family of God through faith in Jesus? How can your group members pray for you as you seek to share God’s grace and truth with this person?