April 17 – 23

Weekly Reading for April 17 – 23

Preparing for Next Week’s Message

Sermon Series: Discovering the Risen Jesus
Sermon Title: Noticing Jesus as We Walk Through Life

This reading plan will get your heart and mind set for the next message on April 24, 2022:

Reflecting on the Most Recent Sermon

Sermon Series: Easter at Shoreline
Sermon Title: Resurrection Now
Delivered On: April 17, 2022


Memorize and Reflect

1 Corinthians 15:52 … in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.

Prayer Direction

Thank God for conquering the power of sin, hell, and death through the resurrection of Jesus and for winning the final victory! Ask for the power of the risen Christ to fill you every single day so you can walk in the grace, joy, and power of Jesus.

“Live It!” Challenge

I Have Been Changed! – Take time this week to make a list of 5-10 ways you have been changed because Jesus rose from the dead, saved you, and lives in you today. How has the resurrection power of Jesus impacted your life in real and practical ways? Once you have this list, use it to pray and thank God for the power of His resurrection.

Small Group Discussion

  1. What is one of your favorite Easter memories?

  2. Read: Matthew 28:1-10. What were some of the things that happened on that first Easter Sunday?

  3. What does it mean to say that Jesus won the battle over the grave, hell, and the enemy? Why was the resurrection essential for this victory?

  4. Read: Matthew 27:51. How are the cross and the empty tomb our doorway to God, fellowship, and heaven?

  5. Read: 1 Corinthians 15:50. What happened to death when Jesus died and rose again? Why should this bring confidence and hope to Christians?

  6. How does the resurrection power of Jesus and the presence of Jesus in our lives today change our character and view of this life?

  7. How should a follower of Jesus view death and the grave? (Think specifically about yourself)

  8. How should living in the resurrection power of Jesus change one of these things:
    - How do we forgive others?
    - How do we use our financial resources?
    - How do we face fearful situations in life?
    - How do we set our personal goals?
    - How do we use our free time?
    - How do we interact with people who have not received the grace of Jesus?
    - Some other aspect of your life today?

  9. Who is one person you love and care about that is not yet aware of God’s grace and who is not in a relationship with Jesus? How can your group members pray for you as you seek to share the message of Easter with this person (in the right way at the right time)?