The Good Neighbor Challenge

This Christmas is going to be different and perhaps the only one like it in your lifetime. You have one thing in common with all your neighbors, COVID! Everyone is affected in slightly different ways, but there is something different about the way we are all currently living life. The constant we have as believers is Jesus! Pastor Kevin has challenged us to make this the best Christmas ever and here are a few ways you can do that with your neighbors this Christmas Season:

Will you commit to pray for your neighbors? Whether it is the neighbor to the right and left of you or your block or apartment building, you can pray that God will show up in a special way.

What can you give to your neighborhood? It could be as simple as bringing a plate of cookies, a sealed baked good, or a Christmas card. Christmas cards still have an incredible value as you have a little opportunity to bring Christmas into someone’s home and even bring the hope of joy! Whether it’s reaching out to a neighbor, getting in touch with an old friend, or inviting someone to church either virtually or an invitation to join you in your home, there are plenty of ways to give this Christmas.

Get out there and check in with your neighbors. Ask them how they are doing and if there is anything you can do for them. Bring them something or offer to bring them something from the store.

Shoreline Church loves this community, neighbors, and neighborhoods and hope that you do as well. Christmas 2020 will be different and we encourage you to love those around you in fun and creative ways and in so doing love this community.


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