MOPS Mentor Mom

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers and has a single mission: to help moms be the best moms they can be. We are looking for MOPS Mentor Moms to bring perspective on mothering, womanhood, and relationships – all based on biblical principles and your own life experience.  Through teaching and one-on-one relationships, you communicate with […]

Líderes españoles de pequeños grupos

Estamos buscando líderes fuertes que sean apasionados por estudiar la Palabra de Dios y crecer en una comunidad consistente con los demás. Cada ministerio de la Iglesia Shoreline existe para ayudar a la mayor cantidad posible de personas a comprometerse totalmente con Jesucristo. Cuando estamos conectados relacionalmente somos capaces de crecer espiritualmente. Los grupos pequeños […]

Small Group Leader

We are looking for strong leaders who are passionate about studying God’s Word and growing in consistent community with others. Every ministry of Shoreline Church exists to help as many people as possible become totally committed to Jesus Christ. When we are connected relationally we are able to grow spiritually. Small groups are a place where […]