Life is full of surprises. Sometimes these are wonderful, at other times they are deeply challenging. At all times, when we walk with Jesus through the surprises of life, we can grow and learn to honor Him. In this five week series we will dig into the book of Nehemiah and learn that we can all be surprised by God’s call, the conflicts of life (particularly relational), the power of prayer, the weight of the work we are called to do, and the amazing victory we experience when we walk with God.

SERIES BEGINS February 2, 2020


Kevin Harney -

Week 2: Telling the Truth Even When it Hurts

From Series: "Elijah or Elisha: Stories of Courageous Faith"

How do we follow God in the highs and lows of life? Is it possible to speak the truth, even when it is really hard? How do we follow God with boldness in a world that says to focus on ourselves? Is it possible to experience God’s blessing in the challenging season of life when things just don’t seem to be going our way? The lives of Elijah and Elisha are filled with a wealth of lessons that can impact you and me on a daily basis. Both Elijah and Elisha were prophets who followed God with passion, proclaimed His truth without compromise, and did some pretty crazy things! In this four-week series, we will look at these two distinct servants of God and learn about them and from them. The big theme that will run through the whole series is that following God might look strange to some people, but it is the best way to live.

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