Life is full of surprises. Sometimes these are wonderful, at other times they are deeply challenging. At all times, when we walk with Jesus through the surprises of life, we can grow and learn to honor Him. In this five week series we will dig into the book of Nehemiah and learn that we can all be surprised by God’s call, the conflicts of life (particularly relational), the power of prayer, the weight of the work we are called to do, and the amazing victory we experience when we walk with God.

SERIES BEGINS February 2, 2020


Steve Norman -

Week 5: His Mission is My Mission

From Series: "Discovering the Risen Jesus"

From the passion to the cross to the empty tomb to the ascension of Jesus, we observe our Savior walking through some of the most challenging times of his life on earth. What is astounding is that he did not walk through these times alone. He was in fellowship with people, his family, his followers. In this series we will follow the key dates and events on the church calendar from Palm Sunday through Pentecost Sunday. As we do this, we will discover how we can walk hand-in-hand with Jesus through every moment of our lives, even the painful ones.

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