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Thank you for taking the time to complete this spiritual growth assessment. If you’d like to track your progress over time, we encourage you to click on the Print or PDF button at left to save a copy of this results page and retake the assessment in 90 days.

Below is how you scored in the seven categories of spiritual growth:


Bible Engagement 78.57%

Someone who says that they love God would want to know more about Him. The primary way we do this is by reading the Word of God given to us in the Bible. Anyone who claims to be a Christian and does not feel the need to continue to study the Bible either does not understand what the Bible is or is plagued by pride. As Christians we get our truth and guidance in large part from God’s Word, so we must be committed to studying it faithfully and applying it on a daily basis.

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Passionate Prayer 71.88%

Passionate prayer includes speaking to God often as well as listening for God’s voice, promptings, and whispers at all times. It also means that we pray often with other believers and seek God’s face in community. In addition, a life of passionate prayer will lead us to pray for and with those who are not yet followers of Jesus. Prayer is a wonderful array of praise, thanks, supplication (asking for God’s help and intervention), confession, and so much more.

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Wholehearted Worship 85.71%

Worship is a lifestyle. We worship in community, gathered regularly with God’s people. We also worship in the flow of a normal day. Our life should be punctuated by praise, celebration, and stopping to honor God for all He is and all He does. Our Worship is both Spirit-filled and Spirit-led. Wholehearted worship comes from our hearts and moves our lips and lives to exalt the God who made us and loves us.

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Humble Service 75.00%

Service walks hand in hand with love; it is impossible to love someone truly without serving them. Christ lived a devout life of service, even to the point of washing his disciples’ feet and dying for sinful people. He calls us to live in a sacrificial way as well. This means that we must serve both regularly and faithfully in the areas of our gifting to forward the mission of the church. The way we serve and love others reflects on the way we love and serve God.

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Joyful Generosity 75.00%

A generous spirit comes from knowledge that God is the owner of everything, that we owe Him everything because of His generous gift of salvation. Our focus is not on getting what we can in this life, but on storing up treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy. We place our full lives in His control and our money and resources at His disposal for His use and glory.

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Consistent Community 92.86%

Community is not only about being together, but growing towards health in all our relationships within the church. These relationships should be appropriate, supportive, selfless, rooted in humility, and they should provide avenues for grace-filled accountability. Our love for the local church should be so overwhelming that it extends to each individual that is part of it.

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Organic Outreach 75.00%

We must be always be pursuing healthy relationships within the church, but also fulfilling the Great Commission by seeking to make disciples of Jesus Christ from those we know outside of our Christian Community. Our primary call on this earth is to reach others with God’s love and function as his ambassadors here on earth. We do this at Shoreline through Organic Outreach to naturally help as many people as possible become totally committed to Jesus Christ.

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