Prayer & Fasting + Night of Worship

We are in a time of deep struggle, anguish, and pain. Covid-19, economic turmoil, and now riots on the streets of many of our cities. What do you do when things seem beyond our control or ability to fix? God’s Word is clear, we pray! Only God can bring resolution, healing, justice, and the hope we all need. Join us Wednesday, June 3rd, for a time of Prayer and Fasting using the prayer direction below. Then, we will come together online for Night of Worship at 6:15 pm.

We will also participate in a time of Communion as a church body. We ask that you prepare for this portion of our service by having some crackers or bread, and some juice for the communion portion of this service.

You will be able to access the service from the front page of our website tomorrow evening.

Fasting: On Wednesday, June 3rd, will you commit to fasting from all food, a meal, social media, or all media to remind you to focus on God.

God hears and moves when His people pray:

  • God of wisdom, lead and direct the decisions of the people in national, state, and local government. Speak to them, shine the light of truth in their hearts, and let their actions, words, and decisions honor you and bless the people they lead.
  • Spirit of peace, fall on cities that are in turmoil and filled with anger and violence. Bring peace and protect those who live in each city.
  • God of justice, in a world of brokenness, shine the light of Your truth. Let what is in darkness come to the light. May what is wrong be made right. Let your justice cover every part of our land.
  • Jesus, head of the Church, be with every congregation (including Shoreline) as we navigate gathering again. Unite us as we love you, each other, and the world!
  • God of provision, be with those who have lost jobs or are struggling to make ends meet. Show your grace as you help our economy stabilize and as people go back to meaningful work that provides for their needs.
  • Great physician, guide those working toward a vaccine for Covid-19. Let it come soon!
  • God of the nations, help the leaders of every country walk in peace, think with reason, and make decisions that lead to hope, help, and life… not conflict and chaos.
Shoreline Church

Shoreline Church