Martin Colijn


Martin Colijn joined the Leadership Team in 2009.   In addition to serving on the Leadership Team, Martin currently serves as a Sunday morning Usher, is on the Shoreline Finance Team, and is a Men’s  & Couples Bible Study host. He has been an enthusiastic original member of Shoreline Church since its inception in 1995.

Martin has lived in the Monterey area since 1965 and has worked as a self-employed CPA since 1977.  With Jesus holding both of their hands, he has been married to his wife Lynn since 1986. Martin and Lynn have 3 adult children, Ross, Paige, and Hannah.

Martin is an avid health chaser and continues to swim 3 days a week, is out on his road bike 2 days a week, fits in a mountain bike ride once a week, and adds a relaxing day of yard work in close communion with God’s earth on Sunday afternoons.