Message: “Week 3: How We Should Prepare For The King’s Return” from Kevin Harney

Kevin Harney -

Week 3: How We Should Prepare For The King's Return

Jesus and New Testament authors taught about the second coming of the King. The primary reason was not to give us clues to use in a personal quest to figure out when this would happen. Instead, the biblical teaching on the return of the King is primarily about us living as those who are ready to meet Jesus…all the time. In this message we will look at some of the ways we can make ourselves ready to meet Jesus when He returns.

From Series: "The Return of the King"

There will come a time when God wraps up human history and all things will be made right. Theologians call the study of end times eschatology. Many people look at biblical teaching on the end times with fear. What we need to be is ready to meet Jesus whenever He returns. In this series we will look at what we should know and how we should live as we await the return of Jesus, our King!

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