Message: “Week 3: Holding to the Truth–Even When it Hurts” from Kevin Harney

Kevin Harney -

Week 3: Holding to the Truth–Even When it Hurts

From Series: "The Smallest Books"

Let’s be honest, small things can often be overlooked. But, God has a way of making little things with a powerful punch! One great example of this truth is the profound and life-impacting messages we find in some of the smallest books in the Bible. There are letters in the New Testament that are only one chapter long…they are really spiritual postcards. But, they contain the words of God Almighty! Think about it, there are entire books of the Bible that can be read in two to three minutes. In this four-week sermon series we will hear the voice of God speak and, if we are willing to respond, we will see our lives transformed by some of the smallest books of the Bible.

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