Message: “Week 1: The Heart of God: He Delights in Our Growth” from Shawn Stroud

Shawn Stroud -

Week 1: The Heart of God: He Delights in Our Growth

In week one of our new series, Increase Your MPGs, we'll look at the essential importance of every follower of Jesus to grow spiritually. Contrary to popular belief, there is no “one size fits all approach” to Christian spiritual growth. Since God has designed, called, and gifted each of us uniquely, we celebrate the multitude of ways that we can grow more like Jesus. As we grow, it benefits the church and blesses the life of a follower of Jesus in many ways. In this message, we will also help the church recognize the markers of spiritual growth, discover the different pathways to experience God at a deeper level, and identify the specific ways God has spiritually gifted every follower of Jesus.

From Series: "Increase Your MPGs"

This series focuses on our three approaches to spiritual growth, including the three self-assessment tools developed at Shoreline. It will be a great time to help believers set goals for their spiritual growth moving toward Christmas and into the New Year.

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