Message: “Week 1: The King Will Return: Why and When” from Kevin Harney

Kevin Harney -

Week 1: The King Will Return: Why and When

Jesus, the King of all kings will come again and make all things right. In this four-week series we will look at what the Bible teaches about the second coming of Jesus. The primary text (for weeks 1, 3, and 4) will be Matthew 24. This is an extended teaching of Jesus about his return. In this message we will focus on when Jesus will return. Not the actual date in time, but the condition of the world when He will come again. We will not look closely at the signs specifically (that is for next week) but the condition of the world and people. We will also focus on why Jesus will come again… what He will come to accomplish. Out of this, we will turn our attention to how these truths should impact the way we live today ad how we prepare for eternity.

From Series: "The Return of the King"

There will come a time when God wraps up human history and all things will be made right. Theologians call the study of end times eschatology. Many people look at biblical teaching on the end times with fear. What we need to be is ready to meet Jesus whenever He returns. In this series we will look at what we should know and how we should live as we await the return of Jesus, our King!

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