High School City Impact

San Francisco City Impact has been serving the inner city of San Francisco since 1984. City Impact has a strong desire to see the city of San Francisco transformed by serving the immediate needs of the Tenderloin District. Shoreline Church is joining in this mission, and we are inviting 16 committed High School students to come alongside four adult leaders as we serve together at City Impact.

Trip Details


$300 for food, lodging, and outreach materials.


We will meet at Shoreline Church on Wednesday, July 21st at 9 AM for initial check-in. Our planned departure time from Shoreline campus is 10 AM.


Our planned return date to Shoreline Campus is Saturday, July 24th. We will depart from the City Impact facilities by 10 AM, so we should be back on Shoreline campus around 1 PM.

  • Clothes: The temperature in San Francisco is usually between 60 and 70 degrees, often getting kind of chilly at night, even in the summer.
  • Bedding: You will want to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow. You will most likely be sleeping on a triple bunk throughout your stay there, but this is depending on how busy the week is. There is a chance you will be sleeping on air mattresses that will be provided.
  • Hygiene items: Please bring all of your own toiletries, towels, etc. that you may need. There is a shower on site but there is no guarantee of how often you will get to shower.
  • Bible, pen, and paper: There will be time for devotions and journaling. We will also be studying the Bible together.