The Book of Nahum

God has always taught that following His guidance for living is the right way to go. Over and over again, people turn away from Him and go their own way – to their detriment. God spoke through the minor prophet Nahum to remind us that He alone can rescue us. He alone rules all of […]

The Book of Galatians

The Galatians are a part of a diverse family equipped by the Spirit to love God and serve others. The Apostle Paul wrote this letter to them to address concerns over the Gentiles converting to Christianity. Paul teaches that believers are justified by Jesus alone and not by works of the law. For young men […]

Risk: Book Study

Predictability, Control, Safety, Comfort. Jesus challenges God’s man to throw all those words out the window. Because, when it comes to your faith, all the energy eliminating risk from your life actually becomes a barrier to progress in your spiritual journey. Risk is for men who are ready to go to the next level in […]

The Gospel of Luke

Jesus, the Son of Man came to seek and save sinful men. The purpose of this men’s Bible study is to examine the accurate, chronological, and comprehensive account of the unique life of Jesus the Christ, as told by “Luke, the beloved physician,” and be transformed by God’s word. The Gospel of Luke is the longest and most extensive Gospel due to Luke’s emphasis on chronological and historical accuracy and […]